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Principal - Tauvia Harrigan

I am delighted to take up the reins as Principal of Mary Chapa Academy. My leadership philosophy is punctuated by an unwavering faith that we are all uniquely created in the image of greatness and thus have value and deserve respect.  My vision is to revolutionize education by advocating teaching that is student centered, fun, hands on, and relevant thus provoking high levels of learning and achievement.  My mission is to do everything in my power to encourage, enlighten, empower and inspire my staff, faculty and students on a daily basis.

My philosophy B-E-A-M-S through all my work as an administrator:

  • Believes learning should be collaborative, active, relevant and fun;

  • Emphasizes  helping myself and others discover talents and abilities, while expanding competencies;

  • Aligns people with their passions and purpose though establishing values that  connect people across cultural, socio-economic, and racial differences;

  • Models and champions, integrity, inclusion, innovation and equity;

Strives in word and deed to always empower, enlighten, encourage and inspire.

K-O-D-I-A-K Goals

  • Kindle collaboration between faculty, community members, and stakeholders to best serve the needs of our students, never allowing policy and procedure to supercede the betterment of our people;

  • Organize the collection and analysis of information pertinent to improving the school's environment, learning outcomes, and faculty/staff wellbeing; utilizing a data-based approach that increases efficiencies while being empathic and respectful of diverse points of view;

  • Demonstrate that students of all backgrounds can learn at high levels when resources are marshalled for their support;

  • Instigate a deeper appreciation of the diverse cultural, social and intellectual resources within the school community, and our surrounding region;

  • Attain and sustain positive school culture and partnerships with families, community  stakeholders, and educational leadership through the State;

  • Keep pursuing an enlightened academic approach that emphasises the ARTS and imagination of the students to broaden their horizons and create an education format that holistically and positively informs and empowers our students.

Fun Facts

  • Senior Pastor of St. James CME Church, Salinas, CA

  • Homeschooled 3 of my four children

  • Will only eat white cake with buttercream frosting for my birthday

  • My first position in the GUSD was as a substitute teacher

  • Coordinated GUSD After School Program for 3 years