Principal - Dr. Eusebio Martinez

Educational background

  • Keiser University Graduate School, Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Educational Leadership (2016)

    • Dissertation Title: The Effects of Classroom Assessment Frequency on Common Core State Standards-aligned Benchmarks for Second-Grade English Learners

  • Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

    • Master of Education, Counseling Psychology (School Counseling Specialization) (2006)

  • Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY

    • Bachelor of Arts, Sociology

    • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


Educational Philosophy

I believe that ALL students can learn. I believe that every person, child and adult, has strengths particular to them and that, when discovered and nurtured, bring out their true potential. As such, I believe that we must educate students to help them determine their personal strengths and build upon those, while also teaching them the perseverance to make it through areas of growth. No two students are alike, and our teaching must reflect various modalities of instruction. Above all, I believe we must prioritize Visible Learning so students can “see” their advances throughout their educational careers.


Objectives (Goals)

  • Mary Chapa will continue its partnership with Turnaround Arts: California and strive to provide our students with Arts Integration on a daily basis, with multiple opportunities to express their creativity and build artistic confidence.

  • Mary Chapa will also continue our focus on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and be recognized as a Gold Medal PBIS school by the State of California.

  • This year, Mary Chapa students will achieve at least one year’s measure of growth, with the intention of reaching high levels for ALL.

  • Finally, we will achieve record numbers for parent participation at our various school events and set the stage for strong community ties.


Leadership Mission

I come to work everyday knowing there is a great chance we will make an impact on student lives. I want every person to come to Mary Chapa and know that our school is an “experience” and that they can have every confidence that students and adults alike are treated like the champions they are. I want to do my part to help bring ALL Mary Chapa students to new levels of achievement and to break the cycle of poverty for those families affected by their current circumstances. This will come through building capacity through all of Mary Chapa’s staff, and to create systems that are successful, regardless of who is in leadership. Leaders create leaders, and this is a strong desire. Finally, I live on a belief that a child’s surroundings merely produces the introduction to their lives, but they have the authorship to write their own success story.


Leadership Vision

My vision for Mary Chapa is multi-faceted:

  • We will actively continue our work as a Professional Learning Community and see student learning reach high levels that rival any school and district in the State of California. We will do our part to help GUSD become a district that is visited by others who wish to achieve the same success.

  • The creation of the Mary Chapa Academy Art Gallery, a collection of student work that will be on display for all to see and experience.

  • A school where all students understand their place at our site and become respectful citizens who are accountable to one another and take pride in being a Kodiak! We will express school spirit in new and exciting ways and be recognized for our various Social-Emotional Learning achievements. In the coming years, we will achieve Platinum Medal recognition in the State of California and contribute to the same achievement levels throughout all of GUSD.

  • Finally, the creation of the Mary Chapa Counseling Center (2020-2021), an area dedicated to meeting the social-emotional needs of all of our students. The Counseling Center will have offices for multiple counselors, as well as a larger space for classroom lessons and/or family counseling. The Counseling Center will also be the hub for College and Career Readiness, providing the Greenfield community with resources for understanding how to navigate the changing landscape of post-secondary education.


Fun facts

  • I am originally from New York City and, yes, I am a Yankees fan!

  • My family is from Puerto Rico

  • I wrote a book providing students with thoughts to consider related to college and career; it’s called, Degree or Not Degree: Five Ways to Know if College is for You

  • I have two dogs (Max and Bailey) and a cat (Mrs. Potts) who goes on walks with us!


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